Feather Hair Extensions

There is a new battle brewing, this time it’s not over oil, but bird feathers.
This battle seems to have stemmed from a new hair style called “feather hair extensions” and the anglers are up in arms.  Apparently this new hair style, starting in Boulder Colorado, has spread to the rest of the country.
With this new trend there is talk in the fly fishing community, of a feather shortage and huge price increases for this once sacred bird feather.
These cherished feathers have been primarily produced and supplied by Whiting Company in Delta Colorado. Through cross breeding and years of perfecting, Whiting has produced the best dry-fly hackle in the world.
These hackles are now sought after and being bought up by the beauty industry.
The poor birds.  What is one to do to stem the tide of this dilemma, the fighting over and stock piling of feathers.
The answer is simple if you think about it.
Girls and (guys), if you get new feathers for your hair, save the old ones and recycle them.
The fly shops can sell them at a discount to some of their anglers.  They may even be willing to buy them back, when they discover that the “hair feathers” are catching more fish.


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