Search for a new hair stylist

The Art of Hair design

In the search for a new hair stylist, don’t be afraid to ask a stranger, “who does your hair”, when you see the a hair style and cut you like.

There has been so many articles written about finding a beauty salon and more importantly a hair stylist.

The common theme that runs through these articles over and over is consultation.  Unfortunately many of these articles have left out, what the consultation should entail.

First step would be to set an appointment to see the salon and meet the stylist.

Does the salon where the stylist work, feel comfortable to me? Is it clean and do I feel welcome?

O.K. you ask, what should we talk about during this consultation and what should I look for?  Just as importantly, what should the stylist be looking for and talking to you about during this meeting?

Remember it is, about you.

What does this stylist have to offer me that is unique and different?

How much experience does the stylist have working with my type of hair.

How committed is the stylist to the art of hair design?  Is this a part-time thing or is there an ongoing passion to learn more about their art?

*If the passion to learn more is not there, it will show in ones work.

A stylist must keep up with the fashion trends and cutting techniques and be able to offer you new ideas for you to consider.

Communication is vital in a Beauty Salon

Does the stylist truly listen to your needs?  This may seem a given during a consultation, but if an open dialog is not there, about you and your needs, and only about how wonderful the stylist is, this is not a good sign of a helpful communication, now or later.

Some of the key questions that a stylist should ask are;

What kind of life style do you lead?

This is helpful in determining a hair style,  that is right for that life style.

Remember, each client has a uniqueness in both personality and Body shape, primarily head shape to consider when it comes to hair styling. Your attributes are a very important part of the discussion and recommendations given based on these attributes.

The recommendation along with an explanation about why a particular style  would be right for you.

Do you have any movement restrictions in your arms or hands?

This may seem out of line during this consultation, but this is important information about your ability to keep up a particular hair style or cut. There again it is about you.

Remember, from an economical stand point, a really professional hair cut and hair style which is tailored to you, will last a longer time between cuts and styles when done properly.

So go out there and explore your options, find a stylist that is willing to work with you and your needs.

Salon Cherry Hills Day Spa


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Salon Cherry Hills Day Spa is a full service hair salon and day spa serving the Greenwood Village and surrounding Denver Metro area of Colorado
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